About Shante

After years of spinning my wheels in my career and relationships I started to dig for the root of my rut. The root that was keeping me from what I wanted to be. I discovered I was in a codependent relationship with all of my family of origin and specifically in a 35+ year relationship with a narcissist which eroded my sense of self .  I was unable to maintain employment, friendships or even hobbies that brought me joy. I looked to this person who is 14 years my senior for guidance and support and what I received were limitations and a constant feeling that the things I liked were silly and frivolous. I was made to believe that I could be nothing more than an single unsatisfied employee.  But after graduating from Emory University in 2002 volunteering in the United States Peace Corps 2004 and being a part of several prestigious fellowships at the Centers for Disease Control 2010 I had nothing financial to show for it, no connections and no sense of my abilities. My financial life was wrecked with student debt $80K and counting. I had no friendships and my life revolved around my family of origin. I slowly started making changes to my life through therapy, counseling, 12 step programs, self-help reading and learning about different healing modalities. It was difficult detaching from my dysfunctional family . It took me about 10 years to get to a low/ no contact place with each of them. Now that I am no longer entangled in the chaos and being controlled and manipulated  I’ve been able to focus on being me. Rediscovering my dreams and talents. Pursuing a fulfilling career that is in aligned with my vision for my life. I am a survivor of incest, narcissist and childhood abuse. My goal is to share my recovery with other survivors to lend strength and encouragement. It is possible to have a fulfilling life after a traumatic childhood and a chaotic adulthood.

I am now happily married with three beautiful children. I was scared to let go of my family of origin but my in-laws quickly swooped me up and welcomed me into their life. My life is now filled with holiday parties, vacations, a nice home all things that I yearned for and worked towards. The inner work I did on myself manifested outwardly and I have the life I originally envisioned for myself. Everything that the narcissists told me I could not have or be. I have become.

I hope to be of service in your journey of recovery.