Georgia Goodwill

Goodwill shopping 

The goodwill on Peachtree parkway in Peachtree corners has always been a favorite of mine.  

IBased on the items I’ve bought here I think there is a small business or janitorial supply company that donates hers. Two years ago we bought 2 cases of trash bags for $5 and still have a lot left.  

Goodwill to me is the ultimate in living green and recycling.  You donate your items hers keeping them out of a landfill, it enables people to be employed,  they also have a host of services they offer to the community including small business development for free.  Then someone gets to buy the donated item giving it a second chance.  Its a beautiful continuation. 

If you’re curious to what i bought this trip it’s a George Foreman  grill.

I’ve  been looking for one large enough to feed our family of 5. Plus I got the 50% off color of the week discount! First thing I’m going to grill is the Publix bacon and fried onion burger.  Stay posted for that!

 Tell me what you like about Goodwill? What’s your favorite Goodwill purchase? 

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