Stings of Dismiss

via Daily Prompt: Sting

It stings a little when I think of the last job I got fired from mainly  because it marks the third one over the last six years. The reality is, I am a horrible employee! I’m preoccupied daydreaming of when I can get home to pursue my true interests. In contrast, I am a wonderful entrepreneur, full of energy, ideas and follow through. Yeah it stings a little to be dismissed from a job, or two, or three… but each time grew me into the entrepreneur I am today.

Imperfect Action 

When I first started this blog and YouTube channel I wanted it to be about all things gwinnett county.  I did not realize how hard it would be to attend the events with my family in tow, take pictures, write and edit. So each time attending the event with my family is as far as I got in the process.  I will say we had a great time although I have no pictures to prove it!

I’ve decided to stop trying to be perfect and waiting for the perfect time to take action.  Instead I’m going to take imperfect action.

I love to share and i love to learn and I don’t have to be perfect in my attempts.