Trying to Balance It All

Like most creative crafty people I have multiple projects going on at once. This blog being one of them. I’m just truing to figure out a schedule that will give me time to do everything I enjoy, blogging, making YouTube videos, crafting, pinning,running my flea market both and of course spending time with my family and taking care of my  house.

Lately I’ve been just focused on redirecting my flea market booth at my local antique mall. I’m redesigning my space, sourcing new products. I need to make new display pieces, come up with a color scheme, a theme.  It’s a lot of fun but there are just too many choices! I had a bit of analysis paralysis. But I’m over that hump and things are coming together for my booth. I decided to make things easy on my self and come up with a system and stop trying to do every last detail of everything. I’ve found some shortcuts especially when it comes to running my flea market booth.

My goal is to carve out some time for all my endeavors and still enjoy the process. I have to stop thinking and start doing.



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