Starting my Blogging and Vlogging Journey

For years now I have fantasized about writing a blog and producing video and I never had the gumption to actually do it. So as I find myself without a job (yet again) I decided to dig deep and get the courage I need to put myself out their and share with the community that I have long been apart of. I have no more excuses and I have plenty of time.

For years I have watched YouTube videos and read blogs to enrich my life and create wonderful moments with my family.¬†From reading blogs and watching I vlogs I was able to conceive my one and only child at the age of 34, I’ve learned how to make a smash cake, propagate succulents to name a few tricks I picked up…(I will share all the wonderful details with you on future posts). I am now excited to not only share my involvement but to contribute to this wonderful community of digital media.

It’s going to be a learning curve as I get to know the different software and equipment I need and I plan to share every bit of it with you. Today I posted a YouTube video about the equipment I am planning to use to start my channel.

Starting my YouTube Channel

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