Binge Watching YouTube Videos

Today I’ve binged watched YouTube videos to learn more about editing, content creation and just trying to pick up tips as I create my own channel. One tip I picked up today and will be applying to future videos is that,

More is more when it comes to creating and editing a video!!

Take as many pictures and video footage as you can so that you have more options to work with as you create your final footage. I think for me it’s better to create short snips of video, do slower (and steadier) panning ¬†and take a lot of pictures. So that I can get the desired effect for my videos

I plan to use these tips moving forward. My hubby’s birthday is this Sat 4/29 and we will be going somewhere fun and frugal. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

2 thoughts on “Binge Watching YouTube Videos

  1. Even side from video-editing, I have had times where I was taking pictures for a blog and unfortunately, I did not have all the pictures that I need. Now, sometimes I just feel I take too many pictures but it really does make a difference and can put me at ease knowing that I have many different perspectives in view.

    Best wishes when you do start your YouTube journey~
    ~ Bre


  2. Thanks Bre! The journey is real! Today I accidentally deleted my daughter’s first birthday video trying to make room for my vlog video SMH! Good thing her dad took some video too!! Note to self “be careful with the delete all button” lol


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